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Our Online Courses instruct artists in powerful tools for personal development, career planning, personal branding, financial planning & more.


We create online courses designed to provide artists with a path to personal development. Whereas our workshops focus on your product, our online courses focus on you.


Lead with purpose

Lead With Purpose means believe in your artistic vision and know that you have a unique purpose to create powerful work.


A sustainable artist career means knowing that you are the most valuable asset to any product you create.


Our online courses are designed with a commitment to your personal development. Instead of the destination, value the journey.


Pursue excellence and stop at nothing to get it.


Our online courses give artists clarity about their identity + their personal brand. With Elevate’s courses, artists will learn the tools to design plans & systems that align with their unique purpose.


As an artist entrepreneur you are a business, a brand, and, of course, an artist. This complexity means that you need clarity. We’ll give you tools to develop your personal story, vision, values, mission, and goals. With this foundation in place you will design a personal brand that reflects your unique inner power.


A powerful artist career is designed with intention. It sounds intimidating but if you can design an amazing product then you can design your life. We’ll provide you with the tools to map out a future that is driven by your artistic purpose.


Many artists shy away from financial planning tools because most are not designed for the nature of artistic work. Our online courses will show you how to build plans according to your artist lifestyle.  


Our online courses will show you how to build systems that suuport your artist lifestyle.  Once you have a plan, we’ll also provide you with systems to implement and track them.

Purpose to Planning

For details on our core course curriculum, select your desired course from the links below.

Incorporate & Organize

A course for Artists Entrepreneurs ready to get organized, incorporated and make their business legitimate

The Artist Identity & Personal Brand

Complete the Artist Assessment: An 8-part tool consisting of specific methods to define your vision, mission, values and personal brand.


Design a detailed 5-year career plan.

The Artist Entrepreneur Finance & Resources Planning System

Artistic work is project based and often involves changing work partners, locations, costs and even products. In The Artist Entrepreneur Finance & Resources Planning System, learn how to allocate resources and build a resource plan that fits with the nature of your work.

what's included?

Our online courses include video, worksheets, handouts, access to an online learning community, and consulting hours with your instructor. We also offer e-books for students who want to go above and beyond.

hD video

Our video content delivers clear audio and visuals that cater to the visual learning needs of the artistic mind.


Each section of every online course provides you with carefully crafted worksheets to walk you through the process of applying the coursework to your personal needs.


Each online course provides handouts which are designed to deepen the artists knowledge of a particular topic. Additionally, examples of completed worksheets are also provided as handouts.

online learning community

Our online courses offer an online learning community where you can engage with artists from around the world and share your work and journey.


Each online course has a complimentary book that can be purchased as a course companion.

Premium Access

Your online course registration fee includes premium access to Elevate. 


To purchase your course now, select from these options. For more about our curriculum approach, individual courses, and what’s included in your purchase, keep reading.
  • The Artist Identity & Personal Brand (Online Course)

    The Artist Identity & Personal Brand (Online Course)

  • pexels photo 1 2

    Incorporate & Organize Your Artistic Business (Online Course)

  • The Artist Entrepreneur Finance & Resources Planning System The core of your personal artist identity is defined by your background, identity and values.

    The Artist Entrepreneur Finance & Resources Plan (Online Course)

  • Practice The Artist Entrepreneur Career Plan The core of your personal artist identity is defined by your background, identity and values.

    The Artist Entrepreneur Career Plan (Online Course)

We believe in your artistic vision. We know that you have a purpose to create and we realize the challenges that come with being an artist. Here is how our online courses will benefit you.
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products for the artist entrepreneur.
  • The Artist Entrepreneur Career Planning Toolkit

  • Artist Entrepreneur Financial, Planning & Resource System

    The Artist Financial, Planning & Resource System Toolkit

  • The Artist Identity & Personal Brand Toolkit is a collection of simple, yet thorough tools designed for artists who want to define their artistic identity, develop their distinct brand, and create a plan to communicate both to their target audience. The kit consists of 5 tools: Identity, Values, Personal Story, Mission, and Standards.

    The Artist Identity & Personal Brand Toolkit

  • The Artist Marketing & Brand Visuals Design Toolkit




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