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A product is anything that you create and want your future customer to pay a fair market value for. Examples include: tickets to your concert, downloads of your album, your film, a painting or graphic design, your book of poetry, dance workshop, a fashion designs or even your services as an actor or stand up comedian. The Product Selection Toolkit will give you the confidence to evaluate and select a new product to produce now.

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Artist entrepreneurs are constantly confronted with the challenge of selecting a product to develop. You may be wondering: Is this the right product? Do I have the time? Is this the right time? Can I market this will it sell? Will I make money? This toolkit is what you need to make an informed decision about your time and energy as an artist.   The Product Selection Toolkit is designed to give artists a process to confidently evaluate their product ideas. Using this toolkit, you will decide whether you have selected the right product to develop by assessing the following five areas:


  • Product Definition
  • Artist Career Vision
  • Lifestyle
  • Resources
  • Customer




  • Make clear and focused decisions.
  • Save time by selecting the right product instead of going from one thing to the next.
  • Spend more time creating the work you love.
  • Evaluate product ideas with confidence.
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