Having brand materials that reflect your artistic image is an important part of defining and communicating who you are to your audience. You can design brand materials that you love without breaking the bank. Fiverr.com – a resource that I relied on when I first began my business – hosts designers from around the world who love design and can create logos, business cards, flyers, and more that are beautiful and affordable.

One of the best resources for affordable logo and brand design services is Fiverr.com. Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces for digital services. Sign up for an account and you can browse the services of designers around the world. (You can also sell your design services). Everyting from logo design to website development, starting from only $5. I have watched Fiverr evolve over the years and I appreciate that many designers offer a variety of deals at various pricing levels.

While the site is awesome, I admit there are tons of people offering a number of services on Fiverr so it can be challenging to find what you are looking for and, when you do, it can be hard to know if the seller will get it right.  In this article, I’ll cover a few Fiverr designers that make design simple and artist-friendly. Not only do they all produce high quality work but they also have excellent customer service and want your designs to look amazing. Check out these designers and, if you want to seek out your own designers, I will also tell you what to look for when selecting your own Fiverr designer.

Website Planning & Development for Artists

business cards.

You’ve just met a potential customer or better yet a potential partner. You both want to connect. Finally, they ask you the question: do you have a business card? You fumble through a line about how you are reordering them or you explain how you “have a card but the number isn’t correct” or “don’t send anything to this email”.  Please, just get some business cards with accurate information. Thanks to Fiverr it is simple and affordable to get some pretty awesome business cards.

Designer | Sneh: Fiverr Profile

I often send my client’s to Sneh an amazing business card designer from India. (link to profile above). For $20.00 Sneh will provide you with amazing business cards ready to print in 9 days. Need them faster? Pay an additional $20.00 and have them ready sooner.

Things to look for:

Sample photos of past work: When I am looking at a designer’s profile on Fiverr the first thing I want to see is their past work. A designer can upload images however, the images with the “fiverr” watermark are images that were created for customers on Fiverr.


Website Planning & Development for Artists

Choosing a logo is the biggest design decision you will make because it will be on every brochure, flyer, or merchandise item that your customer receives. In that sense, your logo is like your name. You will want to consider having a logo for your personal artist brand and then you might consider a separate logo for your products depending on your industry or marketing strategy.

There is just something about a logo that truly reflects the brand it represents. The colors, the shape, the fonts and the design tell us something about who we are buying from. For artists, having a logo design that reflect who we are will not only convey a sense of professionalism (something many assume we are lacking) but they reiterate our unique brand identity: who we are and what we create.

Designer | Kimj_03: Fiverr Profile

Kimj_03 is a fantastic logo designer from the UK with a beautiful online portfolio and amazing customer reviews (link to profile above). Her work reflects the kind of logo an artist might want for their personal brand: name in a font and color scheme that reflects the artist’s personality.

Things to look for

Positive Rating & Average Response Time: Kimj has a high average rating and excellent average response time. The last thing you want is for your logo design project to take longer than expected. While her most expensive package may cost slightly more than the average you are getting guaranteed satisfaction and consistent communication which, in the world of Fiverr designers, is worth paying for.

Designer | alfurqan: Fiverr Profile

Alfurqan designs simple, sleek and modern looking logos in record time.

Things to look for

Wide variety of source file formats: On Fiverr designers work in many different formats. This means that you will get files that have been prepared in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and more. Before you order from any designer make sure that they are delivering your files in formats that you can view.

find your designer.

ea brand4

If you don’t think you can find a designer on Fiverr because there are so many, let me give you a few parting words on finding the right designer for your project. On the Fiverr homepage select the category that you are looking for in the second menu bar from the top of the page (on the desktop application). Choose from the categories at the top and be willing to search through more than one category. Use the filters: I automatically set my seller level to “top rated” and seller language to “english”. This narrows down the list.

Then, within your categories and filters, narrow down your search further according to the type of file you need and the expected delivery time. It will take time, but once you find designers that you love you can continue to order from them for your future design needs so it will make the inital search time invested worthwhile. Not to mention: you can’t beat the cost saving benefits of using Fiverr.

Lastly, keep in mind that many designers will do similar projects. This means that you may find someone whose work you love but they may not offer the service you need. Go ahead and write them, I have found more designers this way than the traditional search method.

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