Quick Solutions to Common Artist Business Problems

Decision Making ToolKITS

Artist entrepreneurship involves a tremendous amount of decision-making. Our toolkits are designed to support the decisions artists make on a regular basis.

Personal Artist Brand Toolkit

The Personal Artist Brand Toolkit is a toolkit for artists who want to define who they are, where they are going and a plan to communicate both through their brand. 

Product Selection Toolkit

The Product Selection Toolkit will give you the confidence to  evaluate and select a new product to produce now.

Project Management Toolkit for Artists

The Project Management Toolkit for Artists borrows from the best project management practices that apply to the nature of artistic production.

Project Selection Toolkit for Artists

The difference between a successful artist career and an unfulfilled one lies in the ability to decide what to work on. There is no reason why artists in all industries should not be living a life full of creativity, wealth and peace.

Solutions Designed by Artists

You need answers quickly. Download a toolkit and solve the problem by midnight.

Website Development Toolkit

The Website Development Toolkit will provide you with everything you need to bring your incredible artistic talent to the internet.



To purchase your toolkit now, select from these options. For more about our  approach and what’s included in your purchase, keep reading.


Quick Solutions to Common Artist Business Problems

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