The internet represents the potential to connect with the world. As artist entrepreneurs, this potential to connect means we have an opportunity to share our work with new audiences that we would not likely otherwise have. It is more work and it can be challenging at first especially if you are not a visual artist or technologically savvy but, as an actress turned producer with no technology background, I believe that if I can learn website development then any artist can learn it.

Why am I so passionate about artists having websites? In one word: access. Websites are levelers. They give us access to artists, customers, and expose our work around the world through words, images, video, blog posts and much more in a way that allows us to establish the credibility of our own work. Websites provide us with a powerful mechanism to display our creativity, talent and products. Used effectively, artists who have a strong web presence gain exposure, influence and increased business opportunities.

Websites also represent increased stability. Building a business and relationships online will make your business more sustainable by providing an additional source of income and a business community. The partnerships and new collaborations you make will expand your artist entrepreneur network and foster a community of togetherness. Finally, the value you will create by selling products online will sell will help, inspire and change others. Having a website for your artistic work is a reflection of who you are. When I meet an artist with a website, it conveys three things: I want to be taken seriously as a professional, I have a vision of reaching the world through my art and I have a business mindset.

Despite these benefits, I have found that many artists are hesitant to make a website. This series: Website Development for Artists: A Simple & Relatable Guide to the Basics of Websites is for the artist who is in between thinking about it and ready to bring their presence to the web. Personal experience has shown me that artists need some basic knowledge about websites and how they work. In this article, the first in this series, I will explain four elements of creating a location online for your website: domain name, hosting, privacy and SSL.

6. lifestyle: Family & Community

Make sure that the project will support your existing relatioships and community commitments.

Finally, a project that supports your financial and health needs must also be one that supports your existing relationships. Community is a human need. Whether it be family, friends or community, we have people in our lives who support us, or who we support, and we need to consider how the project will impact our ability to nurture our existing relationships.

What relationships do you have? List all of the family and/or core relationships that you have. Next to each relationship write down the roles you have: daughter, friend, etc. Then, write down what is expected from you in this role or what you believe is expected. Then, next to each expectation, list the amount of time you invest and a goal for each relationship.

Next, make a list of your social and community activities like volunteering, church, teaching a sports team etc. Alongside each one write down the roles you have: tutur, cook, etc. Then, write down what is expected from you in this role or what you believe is expected. Finally, next to each expectation, list the amount of time you invest and a goal for each community activity.

Considering the project you are evaluating answer these questions:

  1. Will this next project compromise any of my family or core relationships?
  2. Will this next project compromise my social or communal obligations?
  3. Will this next project impact any other existing obligations?
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