Project Selection for Artists (eBook)


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Whenever an opportunity presents itself compare the project with your Artist Profile. When a project aligns with your Artist Profile you will pursue it with passion and vigor. Remember: You may not always be able to pursue projects that are exactly aligned with your Artist Profile but the first step is to know whether it aligns or not. And certainly never work on a project that compromises your Foundation.

The Project Selection Toolkit for Artists starts with creating an Artist Profile. A box that leads the artist through the process of creating the Artist Visualization, Mission, Values, and examining your unique Background Story, and ends with a tool for project evaluation that will enable you to evaluate the best alternatives for projects to develop based upon your Foundation, Core, Background, Needs, and your chosen target audience. This toolkit gives you as the artist the freedom to make decisions with a set of criteria that is specific to you, your values, background, qualities and experience. The Artist Profile is the document that you will return to when you need to make decisions about what to do in the present moment to get to the future you desire.

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