Product Selection for Artists


Product Selection for Artists shows artists 7 tools that will provide them with a foundation to confidently evaluate their product ideas and select one to develop into a new product.

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Product Selection for Artists will provide you with a systematic way to identify the right product to produce right now. In this hands-on intensive workshop, you will learn a system designed to lead you to the right product. Using the tools in this course you will thoroughly assess your artistic needs, your practical, financial and resource needs, and your niche market’s needs. With this system you’ll filter through your many unique ideas and come out with a well-defined, highly marketable product to sell that is right for you, right now. Using the tools in this course you will select a product that is specific to you, your industry and your niche market. In the future, this system will give you the ability to consistently evaluate your many ideas so you can make better decisions and spend more time creating the work you love. This system can be used again and again to help you select from a collection of good, exciting ideas.


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