Product Development for Artists

A Workshop for Artists Who Want to Transform An Idea into a Profitable Product


LEARN the Process of Building a Product that is both Artistically Fulfilling & Profitable.

Product Development for Artists shows artists how to use 9 product development tools to create profitable artistic work. With readings and hands-on activities from Bill Aulet’s (MIT) Disciplined Entrepreneurship and other top product development experts, participants in this workshop will find a relevant toolbox adapted to the specific needs of practicing artists.


LEARN HOW TO build a product that is both artistically fulfilling & profitable.

What is a product?

A product is simply a solution. Good products solve a problem for the final user, that is, the customer. The best products solve a problem for both the customer and the producer.

What is product development?

Product development is the process of defining and designing the core aspects of a product including product design and specifications, industry and market selection, target customer, product placement, packaging, and product price.


Why Product Development?

Put simply: not knowing how to produce your own work could mean not having the career you want. It could ultimately mean not achieving your purpose.


Evaluation | Definition | Research | Customer Selection | Placement | Process Mapping | Pricing | Testing | Protection |


These tools comprise a method of production that will address the needs of the artist-producer and the customer in a way that improves the lives of both.

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