Product Selection for Artists

The ability to think of exciting ideas for new and fresh products is what defines the artist. It is what will change the world.


Product Selection for Artists teaches artists a process for taking their many ideas and selcting the right one at the right time. Artists will learn an idea assessment method consists of 7 tools for selecting a well-defined, product.


Many artists who have what it takes to produce their own work get stuck trying to decide which idea to turn into a product. So, the question is: how do you know what to choose?


Product selection is the action of carefully choosing from the ideas that you have for any good, service, method, information or idea that you create.



In this course, you will learn a product selection system that will give you the confidence to identify, evaluate and select a new product.


The best products are the ones that are selected when a producer has established criteria for product selection.
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  • Every artist has had to face the negativity of family, friends, people who don't respect their work. The insults, the unsupportive, thoughtless words that we suffer are enough to discourage us from achieving our goals. Behind their negativity, is the common knowledge that our creative work separates us from established workplaces with health care, retirement plans, normal systems of advancement and the like. While it is hurtful that our communities don't seem to understand let alone support our paths, it hurts because it is a legitimate critique and a debilitating fear.  The bottom line is capitalism as an economic system requires that we focus first on those actions that will generate income. Our economic system does not value members of society who are motivated by art, expression or spirituality. Most artists are wired to value humanity first. So, when we choose to pursue a career that compensates us we feel that all have expenses that we must 

    Product Selection for Artists


Select your product with confidence knowing you are on the path to your desired future.

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